Shopping Mall Activation

We Install and Operate Snow Play Events for children and their parents and provide all that is required to make the operation a success.

Fresh snow can be provided to almost any Capital City location in Australia produced by our snow making machines daily to create the Perfect Winter Wonderland.


Supervised and Socially distanced – Snow area prepared with drained floor, park benches and regular cleaning and fresh snow and equipment for every person that enters the area.

All Customers socially distanced and supervised fr each 30 minutes session.

Please contact us for further information

Our standard operation in or outside a shopping mall would require as a minimum the following services:

An allocated area where we can place our snow making machines to create fresh snow for the activation.

Access to 3 phase power and water at the snow making location.

An area with a minimum footprint of 100 square metres to cater for a minimum of 25 people per 30 minute session. ( preferably indoors and air conditioned in winter)

Access to the snow area after hours to groom the snow and remove melt water, as well as preparing for the next days sessions.

Rental relaxation and marketing cost assistance is to be provided by the Shopping Centre Operator.